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What we do

Comprehensive Strong Authentication Platform

From Legacy to Passwordless MFA. Improve security, user experience, privacy and compliance in minutes using simple SDK’s or direct APIs.

Passwordless Login

Link Transactions to a Digital Receipt

On Any Device


LoginID is pioneering the next generation of payment integrity. Combining payments with strong authentication and strong identity - is what we call ‘Authenticated Payments’ - where developers, merchants and enterprise know exactly who is transacting.


Our Values

Why LoginID?

    icon illustrating Better Experience. Better Security.

    Better Experience. Better Security.

    • Seemlessly setup a device agnostic passwordless MFA experience
    • Strong Customer Authentication
    • Passwordless authentication
    • MFA for any device
    • Easy deployment & custom configuration
    • Easy integration
    • Scalable deployment options

    icon illustrating Easy Deploy. Easy Admin.

    Easy Deploy. Easy Admin.

    • Fast Deployment and Integration
    • Customizable User Interfaces
    • No code Policy Management

    icon illustrating Global Scalable Performance.

    Global Scalable Performance.

    • High throughput
    • 60ms authentication time
    • Low latency (cater for payments and fast transactions)
    • Multi-active global deployment
    • Multi-tenancy support

Easy Integration

For Developers

With no downloads or plugins required, you can integrate multifactor authentication in just a few lines of code through an API/SDK. Reduce time and money on developing and maintaining proprietary solutions while mitigating risk of compromised customer accounts.



Banking & Finance

Increase financial offerings by increasing the level of trust with simple authentication.

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67% of organizations say improving digital security processes will boost customer trust


Authenticated payments for your consumers with a simple biometric experience that reduces fraud and increases conversion rates.

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86% of consumers are interested in biometrics to verify identity or make payments

Crypto Exchanges

A seamless contactless experience to fit customer’s needs while ensuring security, compliance data privacy.

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49% of businesses admitted to losing customers in 2020 due to successful ATO attacks.

Authenticate 2021

FIDO for Developers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know but Were too Afraid to Ask

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Booty Mania starts now with the launch of Bula the First-of-its-Kind Web3 Social Challenge App ⟶

Bula, the video-to-video Social Challenge Platform App lets users challenge anyone to anything, anywhere, any time.


Which is stronger: FIDO biometric authentication or SMS authentication? ⟶

From passwords to OTPs to knowledge-based authentication, multifactor authentication isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it can be considered the new standard. Unfortunately, many companies still struggle to answer the question: which is stronger - FIDO biometrics or SMS OTPs? This post aims to address that question.

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Works on devices and browsers that support biometric authentication