Strong authentication
made simple.
Icon Comprehensive mfa authentication
Comprehensive FIDO-based
multi-factor authentication
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Frictionless authentication.
Inherently secure.
Icon Usability


Introduce convenient registration, authentication, and transaction validation on your platform with a broad range of compatibility across browsers and mobile devices.

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Eliminate vulnerabilities and protect users and your system against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.


Easy Integration

APIs & SDKs built by developers for developers – we provide full support for hassle-free, fast integration into your mobile and web applications.

LoginID mobile Biometric
Made for developers
and enterprises
Integrate a simple, fast, and secure
authentication tool into any website
or eCommerce integration
Designed for Developers
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Ease of Integration

Highly secure, enabling customers to use biometrics on device hardware that meets FIDO2 security standards.

icon convenience at the cart
Convenience at the cart

Zero-friction customer logins

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LoginId enterprise
Designed for Enterprise
Icon cost reduction
Cost Reduction

Reduce time and money on developing and maintaining proprietary solutions while mitigating risk of compromised customer accounts.

icon regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Legislation is cracking down on weak security. Strong authentication supports privacy compliance and adheres to PSD2 principles.

Fido2 Certified
icon boost customer confidence
Boost customer confidence

Highly secure, enabling customers to use biometrics on device hardware that meets FIDO2 security standards.

Security matters
the risks of phishing, password theft and replay attacks are eliminated because login credentials are cryptographic, unique across websites, never stored on a server, and do not leave the user’s device.
Privacy is a right
user behaviour cannot be tracked across sites and biometric data does not leave the user’s device.
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Works on devices and browsers that support biometric authentication
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